About Us
The Climate Emergency Mobilization Task Force (CEMTF) is a regional coordinated coalition to organize the Greater Bay Area’s nine counties and 101 cities into a regional organization initiating climate mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Our purpose is to advance economic and social justice goals in combination with the level of environmental and climate policies necessary to address our current state of emergency. We emphasize preventing harm to human life and the environment, through a just transition to sustainable and regenerative systems.
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A Vision for the Future

Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area...

Where through new innovative tax and fee structures, land use policies and regulations, every city and county, working together has declared a climate emergency and commitment to a just transition. Homelessness is at record lows while community gardens and rainwater catchment systems ensure healthy food is available to all. Free public transportation is quickly replacing the need for private automobiles and the newly transitioned refineries are developing innovative renewable approaches to our energy requirements. Welcome to a community, that develops shared approaches to this new world through a coalition of stakeholders that reflects the face of the region. This coalition, the CEMTF, has succeeded in bringing together the decision-makers, the advocates, the disadvantaged and advantaged to develop a shared vision and plan that is transforming the region.Welcome to our future, where we will share our template with other mobilizations throughout the US and identify and implement the best practices that will create our just transition.

That is our big picture – our dream of a sustainable future for the home we love.

We have amazing opportunities. Our community is endowed with excellent universities, wealth creating industries, natural beauty and environmental consciousness. But we also have many challenges. Homelessness numbers are growing, food insecurity threatens far too many, and racial injustice is a reality from people of color forced to live in tents, to the missing diversity in the boardrooms. CEMTF understands that climate solutions must be grounded with a diverse, equitable and just response. We are building our coalition around the JEDI principles and continue to seek the missing voices in our efforts.

Our Principals

We have ONE Earth. It's time to stop destroying the planet
Indigenous & frontline voices must lead
Enable frontline communities to organize practical action against the climate crisis
Ensure a just transition for workers and environmental justice communities
Community participation based around multigenerational & cultural respect
Follow the science over economic solutions
Global problems need global solutions
Prioritize holistic approaches to avoid unintended consequences
Protect and prepare future generations
Enact and manage the decline of the fossil fuel industry towards a just transition
Our Mission
CEMTF has worked to build a coalition with the civic will and power to move the Bay Area together to a just, regenerative economy that can not only meet, but exceed the carbon mitigation levels that are seen as a climate consensus.

Our Committees

We have a number of committees you can get involved with to create action. If you want to get involved with one of the committees, please fill out the interest form.
Design/Communications Committee
Planning and Logistics Committee
Fundraising Committee
Outreach and Education Committee
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Legislative Committee
Operations & Organizational Development Committee