Summit Recording
Climate & the Prison Industrial Complex March 15, 2024
The fifth in the CEMTF 4th Virtual Summit Series: Climate, Social Justice, and the Rights of Nature
Climate & the Prison Industrial Complex-- Summit Recording
Climate & the Prison Industrial Complex- Summit Recording

Climate & the Prison Industrial Compllex

Friday, March 15, 2024


9:00 AM 

Land Acknowledgement 

  • Corrina Gould, Tribal Chair, Confederated Villages of Lisjan & Co Founder, Sogorea Te Land Trust

9:10 AM  


  • Cheryl Davila, Founder, CEMTF & Former Councilmember, City of Berkeley 


9:20 AM  

 Rivers in the Desert 

  • Gary “Malachi” Scott, Re-Entry/ Community Restorative Justice Coordinator, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY).

9:45 AM

Artivist in Action: Using Art and Activism to Build Solidarity Behind the Walls

  • Minister King X Pyeface, ArtivistKadre, California Prison Focus & Co-Organizer, Community Artivist Read Book Club

10: 10 AM

 "Hidden Hazards: The Impacts of Climate Change on Incarcerated People in California State Prisons"

  • Ashley Chambers, Senior Communications Associate, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

10:35 AM Break

10:40 AM 

“The Impact of Local Police Budgets on Environmental Justice Initiatives" 

  • James Burch, Deputy Director 

Anti-Police Terror Project

11:10 AM  

Words from AC DA 

  • Madam District Attorney Pamela Price,  Office of the Alameda County District Attorney

11:20 AM  

The Forestry & Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP): Climate • Workforce • Justice

  • Cari Pang Chen, Director of Innovation & Strategy & Planning 

The Forestry & Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP)

11:45 AM 

Q & A

11:55 AM 

Announcements & Closing Cheryl Davila


Cheryl Davila 

Founder & Chair CEMTF 

Former Councilmember, City of Berkeley, CA

As a Councilmember, Cheryl was a champion for the climate. Under her leadership the Climate Emergency Declaration passed unanimously in June 2018 which was the third  in the world. Now over 2335 governments around the world have since declared climate emergencies. 

Cheryl founded CEMTF in 2019. Did you know CEMTF was the brainchild of the prohibition of natural gas infrastructure in new buildings? True. 

CEMTF is in its 4th year! We’ll be celebrating in our 5th year soon. Stay tuned! 

Land Acknowledgement

Corrina Gould

Tribal Chair Confederated Villages of Lisjan & 

Co Founder Sogorea Te Land Trust

Corrina Gould is the Tribal Chair for the Confederated Villages of Lisjan/Ohlone. She was born and raised in Oakland, CA, the territory of Huchiun. She is an Indigenous activist and organizer that has worked on preserving and protecting the ancient burial sites of her ancestors in the Bay Area for decades. She is the Co-Founder and a lead organizer for Indian People Organizing for Change, a small Native run grassroots organization and Co-Founder of the Sogorea Te Land Trust, an urban Indigenous women’s community organization working to return and to Indigenous stewardship in San Francisco’s East Bay. Pay your Shumi Land Tax.

Sogorea Te' Land Trust Youtube, which features discussions with Indigenous Matriarchs from around the world, discussing a variety of topics related to Indigeneity, sacred site protection, wellness, and reciprocity. 


 Rivers in the Desert 


Gary “Malachi” Scott

Re-Entry/ Community Restorative Justice Coordinator, Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth

Gary "Malachi" Scott is the re-entry/community restorative justice coordinator for Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth. He holds restorative circles/training nationally and he is helping to build a community restorative justice framework in North Oakland. He co-founded the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council and served on the Safety and Services Oversight Commission (Measure Z) in Oakland. 

Malachi has journalistic experience with written articles in the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and featured on other articles around the issue of incarceration. He played a major role in Shakti Butler’s film “Healing Justice.”

He came to restorative justice through the Victim Offender Education Group, a program of the Insight Prison Project, while incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison. During his incarceration he obtained an Associates Degree through the Prison University Project, co-founded a restorative justice base group called Kid C.A.T. (Creating Awareness Together), and was the sports editor for the San Quentin News.

He is also a certified Life Coach.

Artivist in Action: Using Art and Activism to Build Solidarity Behind the Walls


Minister King X Preface, ArtivistKadre  

California Prison Focus & Co-Organizer 

ArtivistKadre is the lead facilitator, Minister King X Pyeface, who demonstrates "Artivist in Action '' using various art mediums to create campaigns and plans of action to uplift voices and build solidarity with Komrades behind the walls and within impacted communities. This features various examples and use cases, along with hearing from ArtivistKadre Members from inside California prisons.

Minister King X Pyeface, of K.A.G.E. Universal, was born, and is from Oakland, CA. He is a rapper, producer and "Artivist," who spent six years in federal prison and eighteen years in California state prison, where he was the youngest New Afrikan organizer during the 2011-2013 California Prisoners' Hunger Strike. Minister King X Pyeface is the Director of California Prison Focus and co-organizer of Community Artivist Read Book Club. Minister King X Pyeface's mission is to free New Afrikan elders, political prisoners and organizers of the California Prisoners' Hunger Strike through support of the Agreements to End Hostilities, and as lead organizer for the campaign Liberate Our Elders.

"Hidden Hazards: The Impacts of Climate Change on Incarcerated People in California State Prisons"

Ashley Chambers

Senior Communications Associate

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

Ethos de Leon has been embarking on a spiritual and healing journey since 2016. Since giving themselves permission to take the time to heal and develop self-love, the amount of infinite possibilities and opportunities opened for them. Ethos began as a social justice activist, co-creating and advocating for movements, such as Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ, immigration, and indigenous rights activism in Washington DC; has been elected to the Board of Directors for Catharsis on the Mall by the Catharsis community; served as the Event Operations Director for Catharsis on the Mall for the 2018 and 2019 events; and continues to create spaces and events with the intention that everything is medicine for those who come into those spaces.

Ethos currently is pursuing a career in Emergency Medical Services and Fire and Rescue. Ethos is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and is actively pursuing their Paramedic license. 

Words from Alameda County District Attorney  

Photo & bio:

Pamela Price

District Attorney 

Office of the Alameda County District Attorney

Alameda County District Attorney Pamela Y. Price is a graduate of Yale College and UC Berkeley Law School, and a survivor of the Ohio juvenile justice and foster care systems. Before being elected District Attorney in 2022, she trail-blazed a career fighting for justice for everyday people in state and federal courts. She built a successful law-firm, coordinated teams of lawyers across the country and successfully argued a landmark racial harassment case before the United States Supreme Court. DA Price has represented countless victims of retaliation, wrongful termination, sexual assaults, sex, age, religion, disability, and race-based discrimination. Her clients included nurses, doctors, electricians, oil workers, teachers, office workers, police officers and correctional officers from all walks of life.

DA Price has also spent her entire career advocating for justice for women. Her compassion for survivors is deeply rooted in her own personal experiences with sexual harassment, domestic violence, and the criminal justice system.,in%20state%20and%20federal%20courts.

“The Impact of Local Police Budgets on Environmental Justice Initiatives" 

Photo & bio

James Burch

Deputy Director

Anti Police Terror Project (APTP)

James Burch is the Policy Director for the Anti Police-Terror Project, an all-volunteer organization that seeks to end police violence in Black and Brown communities. He began his journey in 2007 at the Southern Center for Human Rights where he investigated human rights conditions in GA and AL prisons, jails, and court systems. James left the SCHR in 2009 to study civil rights law at the Georgetown University Law Center. After graduating, James moved to the Bay Area where he worked with the Frisco 500 before joining APTP’s Black Leadership Committee and assuming the role of Policy Director. In 2018, James served as Policy Coordinator for the Cat Brooks for Oakland Mayoral Campaign. In 2019, James was hired as the Policy Director for St. James Infirmary, a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers of all genders. James left St. James Infirmary in 2020 and now devotes his time to the Anti Police-Terror Project.


Cari Pang Chen 

Director of Innovation & Strategy

Forestry & Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP)

With more than 30 years of experience with nonprofits, foundations, and local government partners in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, Cari currently serves as the Director of Innovation, Strategy & Planning for The Forestry & Fire Recruitment Program (FFRP).  She was originally hired in August 2021 to help FFRP expand its programs from Southern California to the Bay Area.  

FFRP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was co-founded by Chief Royal Ramey & Chief Brandon Smith to increase wildfire personnel from non-traditional and underrepresented communities, providing them the training, skills, resources, and experiences needed to secure gainful employment.  Chief Ramey & Chief Smith met while incarcerated in California's conservation camps (aka Fire Camps) and fell in love with firefighting, only to discover upon release that the pathway to becoming a firefighter upon release would be a difficult one to navigate because of their records.  They persisted in becoming wildland firefighters with the US Forest Service in San Bernardino, with Chief Ramey eventually moving on to become a firefighter with CAL FIRE as well. Learn more about FFRP and see the program in action at