Summit Recording
Just Transition & Green New Deal 2021
The fifth of our 2021 six-part community-built online education and collaboration series.
Just Transition & Green New Deal October 2021 Summit Recording


9:05 AM Cheryl Davila, Chair CEMTF & Former Councilmember

Land Acknowledgement

Corrina Gould, Tribal Chair, Confederated Villages of Lisjan, Co Director Sogorea Te Land Trust


9:15 AM Dr. Daniel M. Kammen Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley

Introducing the Day

9:30 AM Amos White, Vice Chair, CEMTF

Panel I

9:35 AM Racism is NOT Green / Colonization Not Green

Facilitator: Armando Davila, Co-Founder CEMTF, Activist

Lara Kirswani, Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC)

Andres Soto, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

Cynthia Naha, Hopi Tribal Member, Former Director of Santo Domingo Pueblo

Panel II

10:40 AM What Does Just Transition Mean to......Unhoused, food insecure & sustainability, activists and Indigenous communities?

Facilitator: Sara Diefendorf, CEMTF Fundraising & Steering Committees

Yesica Prado, Berkeley Friends on Wheels

Nilang Gor, Cultivate Empathy for All

Jacob Johns, Arm in Arm

Jill Sherman-Warne, Native American Environmental Protection Coalition

Wrap Up

11:40 AM Elaine McCarty, CEMTF Steering & Legislative Committees

Just Transition/ Green New Deal Toolkit

Jack Lucero Fleck, CEMTF Steering and Planning & Logistic Committee

Just Transition/ GND Evaluation Survey

Closing Remarks

11:50 AM Cheryl Davila

Speaker bios:

Cheryl Davila 

Founder & Chair, CEMTF Steering, Fundraising Committees

Former Councilmember 

As a Councilmember for the City of Berkeley, Cheryl was a champion for the climate. Under her leadership the Climate Emergency Declaration passed unanimously in June 2018 which was the sixth in the world. Now over 2006 governments around the world have since declared climate emergencies. 

Cheryl founded CEMTF in 2019. Did you know the prohibition of natural gas infrastructure in new buildings came out of the CEMTF? True. 

Corrina Gould

Tribal Chair, Confederated Villages of Lisjan

Co Director, Sogorea Te Land Trust

Corrina Gould is the Tribal leader of the Confederated Villages of Lisjan. The Tribes territory is inclusive of five Bay Area Counties and her current work includes protection of Sacred Sites, the creation of the first Urban  Indigenous Women-led Land Trust in the Country with the specific goal of rematriation, tribal revitalization and saving the West Berkeley Shellmound.


Amos White 

Vice Chair, CEMTF Steering & Outreach Committees

Amos White is Vice Chair of the CEMTF and Founder and Chief Planting Officer with 100K Trees for Humanity, an urban reforestation nonprofit. He is a member of the California Urban Forestry Advisory Council and chairs the Climate Emergency Mobilization Committee of CASA- the City of Alameda's environmental task force. He co-authored the Climate Emergency Declaration Resolutions for the City of Alameda and for Alameda County; is Lead Organizer with ACLU People Power of Alameda, former CORO Fellows Program graduate in Leadership and Public Affairs, 92-LA, and former Ohio Youth Conservation Corps member.  Amos is the 2021 Award Recipient of two California Urban Forestry Council awards.


Daniel Kammen


Professor and Chair, Energy and Resources Group, University of California, Berkeley


Daniel Kammen is the James and Katherine Lau Distinguished Professor of Sustainability at the University of California, Berkeley, where is Chairs the Energy and Resources Group, and is a professor in the Department of Nuclear Engineering, and the Goldman School of Public Policy.  Since 1999 has served as a Coordinating Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.  He has served as Science Envoy for the US State Department and Chief Technical Specialist for Renewable Energy for the World Bank.

Armando Porter 

Co-Founder CEMTF, Activist

Armando Davila is an artist, community and event organizer, facilitator, strategist and thought leader. He initiated and led the campaign to declare climate emergencies in the Bay Area for The Climate Mobilization.

He is currently working to found the Regenerative Policy Institute which will create a policy vehicle and lobbying force for regenerative practices.

Armando Davila is an artist, community and event organizer, facilitator, strategist and thought leader. He initiated and led the campaign to declare climate emergencies in the Bay Area for The Climate Mobilization. He is currently working to found the Regenerative Policy Institute which will create a policy vehicle and lobbying force for reg*enerative practices.

Andres Soto 

Organizer, Communities for a Better Environment

In August 2012, Andres became the Richmond Organizer for CBE, a statewide environmental justice organization. . Six days later Chevron blew up. Since then Andres has been instrumental in helping to start and participate in the Richmond Our Power Coalition, the Sunflower Alliance, BAAQMD Coalition, Protect the Bay Coalition, the Refinery ActionCoalition, and Benicians for a Safe and Healthy Community. Andres has also served on the Richmond AB 617 Community Emissions Reduction Program Design Team.

Andres is a co-founder of the Richmond Progressive Alliance.

Lara Kiswani 

Executive Director, Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)


Lara Kiswani is the Executive Director of Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC), and also a faculty member in the College of Ethnic Studies at SF State University. Lara has been active in movements against racism and war, for Palestinian self-determination, and international solidarity for the last 20 years.



Cynthia Naha


Hopi Tribal Member 

Former Director of Santo Domingo Pueblo



“I am enrolled member of the Hopi Tribe and is Tewa and Ihanktowan Dakota Oyate and currently reside in my traditional homes of my Tewa people, here in OgaPogehOwingeh or Santa Fe, NM. Over the past 7 years, in her former position as the Director of the Natural Resources Department of the Santo Domingo Pueblo, I managed 22 Federal grants from various agencies, included a few state funded projects.”


Sarah Diefendorf

CEMTF Fundraising & Steering Committees

Sarah is a member of the CEMTF Steering and Fundraising committees and also Director of the Environmental Finance Center West @ Earth Island Institute ( For approximately 15 years Sarah has worked with Native American Tribes throughout the American Southwest to help build their green economies by supporting strategic, solid waste and recycling, climate vulnerability and adaptation, and water protection planning.  She also serves as a Leadership and Communications trainer for the Environmental Finance Center Network for which she has honed and implemented a wide variety of capacity-building tools in her professional and training life to enable individual and community growth and success.  In addition, Sarah has served as an Expert Witness for the USEPA National Environmental Finance Advisory Board and is co-founder of Women’s Climate Centers International (  She holds a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University and an MS in Environmental Geography from Cambridge University. 

Nilang Gor

Senior Scientist, Genetic Disorders

Founder, Cultivate Empathy for All

Board Member, California Plant-Based Alliance

Nilang Gor is a Senior Scientist in the field of genetic disorders and holds M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Nilang also founded Cultivate Empathy for All, an organization which promotes empathy as a tool to address global challenges. As a systems thinker, he believes that we live in a highly interconnected ecosystem, where our well-being is interdependent on fellow humans, non-human animals, and the environment. Nilang thinks our ignorance of this interdependence has created unsustainable animal agriculture systems which are now impacting our environment, public health, as well as social and racial equity.

 Jacob Johns

 Community Supported Organizer

Jacob Johns is a Community Supported Organizer based out of Spokane WA. Jacob Johns work focuses on creating new models for progressing the consciousness of humanity. His work stems from this effort to innovate new ways of moving society forward. His organizing efforts have focused on multiple interconnected issues involving environmental protection, social justice and minority rights. The out-dated models of how we live on this planet are failing, Jacob focuses on new paradigms that uplift the planet to a higher state that heals our world.

















Yessica Prado

Friends on Wheels 

Journalist & Photographer 

Yesica Prado is a multimedia journalist and works best with photography, video, audio, and long-form writing. She is a first-generation Mexican immigrant from Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico. Prado immigrated with her family to the United States. She was raised in Southside Chicago as an undocumented student. Prado was granted a U-Visa and took advantage of her new opportunity, expanding her borders to seek a journalism degree.Prado has a master’s in journalism from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. 



Prado focuses on issues that limit people's access to land such as poverty, immigration, homelessness, climate change, and indigenous communities. Prado’s been published in the Los Angeles Times, HuffPost and KQED.


Jill Sherman-Warne 

Executive Director, NAEPC

Jill Sherman-Warne is the Executive Director of the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition (NAEPC).  Jill is an enrolled member of the Hoopa Tribe where it was an honor for her to serve as an elected tribal council member. She graduated from Humboldt State and built her respected professional reputation serving tribes in a variety of capacities from language learning, vocational rehabilitation, grant writing and emergency response. 

Jill immerses her energy into building scalable tribal programs to increase and strengthen tribal sovereignty. Jill’s cadre of skills allowed her to enjoy working on congressional and state campaigns to the benefit of tribes.  Ms. Sherman-Warne also served for 15 years on the California State Native Heritage Commission selected by the Governor and confirmed by the State Legislature.  

Jill enjoys providing tribes the necessary tools to improve their capacity and capability to meet and exceed federal standards without increasing management burdens. Jill currently serves as a member of the San Diego American Indian Health Clinic Board of Directors and on the UC San Diego Chancellor’s Community Advisory Board.




Elaine McCarty

Chair, CEMTF Steering & Legislative Committees 

Associate Director, Environmental Finance Center West

Elaine’s current work as Associate Director of Environmental Finance Center West (EFC West) is focused on using stakeholder tools to engage vulnerable communities on climate change and other environmental issues such as water and waste.



Jack Lucero Fleck

CEMTF Steering, Planning & Logistics Committee

Jack Lucero Fleck is a longtime peace and justice activist now working with 350 Bay Area, where he was a co-founder in 2012. Jack retired after 25 years at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency where he served as the City’s top traffic engineer. He now works to fight climate change as an activist and author.